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Our story

We all have a story. All stories are important. This is ours.

Many have overcome. Gary and Katherina don’t think their lot is anything special because they know that it’s not about them and they don’t do this amazing work for themselves, despite how rewarding it is.

Gary and Katherina were married on 7.7.2020 in the middle of the first Covid-19 wave that struck Australia.

They believe the battles they have overcome in life are nothing in comparison to those who are marginalised due to adversity, ability, chronic pain, illness, or skin colour. There is no denying the physical, psychological, mental trauma and pain some must feel every day.

Katherina and Gary are on fire for helping people become the very best version of themselves following much adversity. Between them they have lost parents and other family due to sudden death and long term illnesses.They both have family members living with disability (ASD, Down Syndrome and ADHD),

Katherina Baker with Gary Baker

Our vision

We at Eden Farm are committed to serving the community by offering expertise and our working farm to impact lives for good.

We provide engagement opportunities and events that support marginalised groups (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Peoples, First Nations Peoples and People with Disabilities). We seek to inspire and benefit the community long term by taking a forward thinking, relationship building approach in celebrating ability, cultural diversity, collaboration and social inclusion. We use our vibrant space to help people gain new skills, increase confidence, find purpose, look after their health and generate business for themselves in order to reach goals and live life to the full.

The butterfly

In its metamorphosis into an exquisite winged creature of notable beauty, the butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation, freedom and hope. It represents change and growth, for the triumph of the spirit and the soul over the limited physical being.

Take a closer look and you will see that our butterfly, the logo for Eden Farm Wellness, is not symmetrical, not like any other, yet beautiful. It does not need to compete for greatness, it is not better than or less than, yet it is perfect in it’s imperfections. It is loved as is, right where it has landed, right in this moment, during flight, as it grows.

The butterfly strives, is absolutely able and transforms into the best version of itself. A wonderful place to be.

All of us, just like the butterfly, can fly on wings like eagles when given the opportunity, sometimes just a little support is needed.

Come show the world your best you. Our farm programs, down time spaces, tours and experiences are client-centric and designed to help you reach your goals, needs, aspirations.

 For more information about what we’re doing on Eden Farm, contact Gary or Katherina Baker on phone (03) 5807 8608, mobile 0433 155 554 or email us at 20****@ed**************.au">in**@ed**************.au

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Let us take care of everything

Our services

Individual Programs (IP)

Our programs serve to build new skills, find purpose and gain confidence in line with individual NDIS goals with a focus on wellbeing and a view to finding paid work on the farm or in the community. The individual programs include a number of activities and experiences including the following. 

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Meet, greet and mystery tours, with or without a meal

Our Meet and Greets for people with a disability and their parent/guardian are free! Just email us on in**@ed**************.au If you’d like to come out, meet the team, check out what we have to offer those with a disability on the farm 

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Not for profit events, capacity building and Art/craft sales

We run a number of not-for-profit events including workshops, exhibitions and festivals for people with disabilities as well as those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (and for the wider community to attend).

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Get Your Tickets Today

Discover the amazing cultural diversity of Victoria’s Murray Goulburn Region at our Eden Farm Multicultural Festival!

About the event

After the success of our government grant application and having received $11,000 we have a cracker festival in store for you! Our Inaugural Eden Farm Multicultural Festival to be held on the 23, 24 and 25 September 2022.

Tickets are available right here through Eventbrite to keep everyone Covid-19 safe. There will be some tickets available at the door but those are limited. Feel free to come to more than 1 sessions.

There is something for everyone as we celebrate our vast and delightful cultural diversity in the Murray Goulburn region right on our beautiful.

Did you know that

In addition to running festivals, workshops, talks, tours, programs we also do the following..

A photo of a boy with Down Syndrome feeding the chickens

Employment and skills programs

We employ people under the DES program. We are grateful that we can employ people through this program which blesses them and us. All of them have been a wonderful help and resource. If you have a disability and would like to come work for us, please send us your CV 20****@ed**************.au">here.

Meal support initiative

We have a small farm shop and sometimes access to excess vegetables, diary and meat which enables us to make meals in our commercial kitchen for marginalised and disadvantaged families and individuals in our community. We love helping people in need when we can.

Food cooked on Eden Farm
Photo of a girl

Free family portraiture sessions

For marginalised families – CALD, First Nations and people with disabilities. It is such a privilege to bless family who could not normally afford portraiture photography. Run 2–3 times/year. To find out more, contact us here.  

Recycling and repurposing program

Nothing is wasted on Eden Farm. All paper, metal, plastics are use to make beautiful, one of a kind pieces such as bowls, jewellery, recycled paper greeting cards, lanterns, mixed media art works. We also run a free Carer’s Support group; and we exhibit and sell art and craft designed by people with disability via our channels with all profits going to the artist. To find out more, contact Gary or Katherina on (03) 5807 8609, 0433 155 554 or email us 20****@ed**************.au">here. 

A photo of paper craft produced on Eden Farm
Chat and a cuppa

Connection and support initiatives

Carer’s meetings with a cuppa, community support groups, mens and ladies groups, and ‘welcome to our community’ talks and support packs aim to help people connect, share, make friends and find purpose over a cuppa. We use our existing infrastructure as a hub where people can come together to relax, express, have downtime and lift each other up. We are all in this together so let’s share and thrive together, not do life alone since we need each other and were made to be in relationship. 

Multicultural Art and Photography Competitions/Exhibitions

In collaboration with our local Council and other community groups, we invite artists and photographers from various multicultural groups, including First Nations Peoples within the Goulburn-Murray region to submit a piece into our Multicultural Art and Photography competition which will officially kick off and open the Multicultural Festival on 23 September 2022. Another competition for people with disabilities will also be held annually later in the year. Stay tuned for more info…

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“We go the extra mile because we care

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Testimony –
What people say about us

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Mum and Carer to two adult boys with a disability

We took our adult boys who have an intellectual disability to Eden Farm for a tour and tea. Geoffrey was especially interested in the pumpkins that were growing and picked a few for Katherina. We all enjoyed the food and the boys were especially impressed with the sausages. I have bought some more through their shop in Numurkah. We will go out again because we had such a good time. I recommend Eden Farm.

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Eden Farm Program Participant’s Mum

Our son Josh, who comes with that ‘extra chromosome’, has been going out to Eden Farm every fortnight for about 6 months now and absolutely loves it‼️ He’s always asking when he can go next. He loves bringing home photos of farm animals he managed to capture with help from Katherina to get the perfect shot. Helping Gary on the farm regularly comes up in conversation. These guys are so good with him, and the detailed report we receive following a visit is amazing… I’m never left wondering what he got up to and how he coped‼️

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Local Mum

What a hidden treasure Eden Farm is! From fresh farm produce to good old fashioned country hospitality and fun for everyone!

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