Our Mission

Eden Farm Wellness is committed to serving the community by offering expertise and our working farm to impact lives for good. We provide engagement opportunities and events that support marginalised groups (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Peoples, First Nations Peoples and People with Disabilities). We seek to inspire and benefit the community long term by taking a forward thinking, relationship building approach in celebrating ability, cultural diversity, collaboration and social inclusion. We will use our vibrant space to help people gain new skills, increase confidence, find purpose, look after their health and generate business for themselves in order to reach goals and live life to the full. 

Email for information about our programs and how and when you can visit Eden Farm. 

Below are a collection of images taken from our various programs which include – 
Mowing lawns; Photography and photography walks; Farm maintenance; Maintaining plant and vegetable nursery; Wood working; Biodynamic operations; Garden to plate activities; Farm mystery tours; Cleaning and refilling water troughs and stables; Composting; Tending to vegetables, fruit, succulants, trees, flowers; Permaculture principles; Recycling; Collecting firewood; Sensory trail and garden; Fencing skills; Animal care/husbandry; General daily running of the farm; Weeding; Meal ministries; Beekeeping; Event management assistance (festivals and workshops); promotions; meet and greet; graphic design; Cookouts; Music and movement; Paper art and paper making; Art and craft; irrigating; Harvesting produce.